City of Sarnia, ON Joins CRINS-SINRC

The City of Sarnia, ON has joined CRINS-SINRC effective May  12th, 2020. All applications within the jurisdiction are now being processed by CRINS-SINRC. Application fees are $2750.00





CRINS-SINRC Revised Consultation Process

Effective July 15, 2020 all public consultations will follow the updated public consultation process - the CRINS-SINRC Reference Protocol, Issue 5 (2020). This process now includes a primarily online engagement process, with provisions for members of the public who are unable to access broadband internet services.    


CRINS-SINRC Notification Notices

Effective July 15th 2020, CRINS-SINRC will be issuing Notification Cards to adjacent landowners and stakeholders as a first step in the consultation process. This will replace the couriering of full consultation packages. Stakeholders and members of the public may still request the materials in printed format by request