Our History

CRINS-SINRC was formed on December 13, 2011 as a corporation by the City of Fredericton, Municipality of the County of Pictou, Nova Scotia and the New Brunswick Regional Service Commissions as founding members.

Since that time, CRINS-SINRC has grown from 6 to over 350 member municipalities across Canada. Many members receive only one or two applications per year, while others – mostly urban centers – may receive tens of applications per year.

CRINS-SINRC utilizes a team of volunteer resources, along with core administrative staff to process applications and to support the public consultation process.

Legislative Authority

Radiocommunications is a federal undertaking. As such, the authority for CRINS-SINRC to operate comes from two sources:

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISEDC), representing the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (formerly Minister of Industry) has implemented a set of Procedures in support of the Radiocommunications Act, this includes Client Procedures Circular (CPC) 2-0-03, Issue 5 (2014) which is amended from time to time.

Under Section 4 of CPC 2-0-03, Proponents of antenna systems are required to consult with the local Land Use Authority which is, in most cases, the local municipality or in the case of Crown Lands a provincial or federal department or agency.

Where a Land Use Authority has designated a representative for the purposes of providing input to antenna system proposals, the Proponent contacts the Land Use Authority through the designated representative.

CRINS-SINRC is the designated representative of our member municipalities and Crown Land agencies.

Who designated CRINS-SINRC to act in this capacity?

Each member of CRINS-SINRC, as a condition of membership, authorized CRINS-SINRC to act as their representative through the passing of a municipal by-law, or through an Order-in-Council. The by-law or Order-in-Council of each member gives CRINS-SINRC the enabling authority to act as the designated representative of the municipality as the recognized Land Use Authority under CPC 2-0-03.

Each member designates a cost sharing model with CRINS-SINRC to fund CRINS-SINRC operations, and is entitled to designate a member of staff to the CRINS-SINRC Advisory Group.