Accessing the System
All proponents must register for an account on CRINS-SINRC to be able to submit sites and commence the consultation process. Minimally, a proponent must provide a completed Form 2A and Form 2C to receive login credentials to the system. Form 2B is for those proponents who will be processing a number of applications and who would prefer to setup an operating account with CRINS-SINRC rather than provide payments by credit card. Processing time is up to 24 hours on all new accounts for verification and credential generation.

Download the Application Package

Download the Application Form Package then FAX the completed and signed forms to 1-613-482-2299, or by e-mail to Forms sent by regular mail will be processed within 24 hours of receipt by CRINS-SINRC staff.

Consultation Protocol
All CRINS-SINRC members utilize the CRINS-SINRC Reference Protocol as the protocol in force for all consultations within their jurisdiction. Each member LUA has the option to specify Community Sensitive Locations – as referenced in the Protocol – to identify areas where antenna systems should not be placed, or if not practical, where antenna systems may be require additional efforts to reduce visual impact and or impact on current uses.

CRINS-SINRC Reference Protocol